Bunnys's Cup Cakes

Baking is an art and with the help of innovations Bunny’s has developed a range of  beautifully crafted cupcakes for you! Small domes perfectly cracked from the centre,  awaiting for you to sink your teeth into their richness. As soon as you unseal/rip open the  packet you will be greeted by the aroma of freshly baked , divine bites of luxury. 

Plain & Fruit Cakes

PLAIN CAKE:   Light as a feather is our plain cake,every home cooks go to cake for desserts. Serve it in  its sliced simplicity or use it in your trifles and puddings,our plain cake is a decadent  pleasure.
FRUIT CAKE:   Tantalisingly delicious slices of sponge cake with a fruity crunch to them. Bunny’s fruit  cakes are tangy and sweet let this taste sing on your tongue and enjoy the softness of our  fruit cake!