Bunny’s is the maker of the finest bakery products in Pakistan. The factory is situated in  Lahore, however Bunny’s is the major supplier of high quality products to various cities  all over Pakistan as well as internationally. Quality and taste are our forte for which we  use only the highest graded raw materials to produce wholesome baked goods , rusk,  cake, cupcakes, fruit buns, savoury snacks and a variety of frozen goods. The name of  Bunny’s has become synonymous with baked goods that are superior in taste ,aroma,  quality, appearance and texture. Bunny’s has established itself as a premier  manufacturer in Pakistan’s food industry backed by service-minded developers and an  efficient management.

Bunny’s is a renowned name in the market of bread products which was established in  Lahore 1984 by brothers Mr. Younus Shafique Ch. and Mr.Haroon Shafique Ch. They  ventured into the world of bakery goods with the promise of quality,service,value and  innovation. The vision which started of in a two canal land space is now a successful  twenty-two canal reality. The legacy is further carried on by Mr Omar Shafique Ch.
We are not just a bakery brand we are an experience. All our products are freshly baked  and delivered to our retailers so that you can enjoy it at its absolutely delicious best.

Our customers are the main motivation of everything we do and our core values are:
● Integrity  ● Passion and enthusiasm   ● Uncompromising quality
● Commitment and competence  ● Reliability  ● Responsibility  ● Loyalty  ● Professionalism  ● Organized

❏ FSSC 22000
❏ ISO 9001:2015 (QMS)
❏ Halal Food Safety Management System


The Company is also involved in co-manufacturing with Pepsi Co. Bunny’s manufactures  and packages their products. All the raw material is procured and produced by the  Bunny’s ltd except for the flavoring which, is provided by Pepsi itself. Some of the  recurring institutional clients of Bunny’s include Pepsi cola, Unilever(Wall’s) and Engro  (Omore) . We mainly supply Unilever and Engro with roasted and assorted nuts as raw  materials. The supplies are all linked with the overall demand of the end product of  respective brands.

Bunny’s has taken an initiative towards becoming a more socially responsible business,  to inspire communities by connecting people to real food. We put our heart and soul to  maintain and uplift Bunny’s as a reputable brand. Complaints and queries of customers  are catered to immediately by our dedicated staff . Spreading health and happiness  among-st our consumers since the past 30 years Bunny’s has a mission to be the leading  brand of bakery and confectionery items in Pakistan.

Younus Shafiq Chaudhry
Chairman/ Director

Mr. Younus Shafiq Choudhry is the Non-Executive Chairman for Bunny’s Limited. He has over 40 years of experience in the market. A Mechanical Engineer by profession, Mr. Younus Choudhry previously managed his own construction company in Dubai. Furthermore, he is also actively involved in the planning and management of Bunny’s. As Chairman, he overlooks the primary operations of the business such as production along with some other departments. His sense of charismatic approach, expertise and deep understanding of the industry have earned him the respect and support of the entire organization.

Haroon Shafiq Chaudhry
Chief Executive and Director

Mr. Haroon Choudhry has been serving as the CEO of Bunnys since its inception in 1983. He holds a Master’s degree in economics. With over 30 years of experience in the food industry and the market Along with heading Bunny’s, Mr. Haroon is President of the Board of Management Vocational Training Institute since 2009. He is an Executive member of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 2008 to 2010. Mr. Haroon was also the Chairman for Lahore Township Industry Association from the year 2010 to 2011. He plays a vital role in the management of Bunny’s Limited and works towards the establishment and achievement of the company’s strategic goals. Currently, he is in the process of working towards the expansion of Bunny’s production and distribution network to increase the company’s capacity and cover a more extensive geographical area. Under the supervision of such a dedicated leader Bunnys has undoubtedly come a long way.

Omer Shafiq Chaudhry

Mr. Omar Shafiq Chaudhry has been an active member of Bunny’s for twenty years. He started his career at Bunny’s still a youth in his late adolescent years immediately after graduation. Mr. Omar was initially in the Sales Department and over the time span of twenty years worked in departments such as operations procurement, production, marketing, and so on. He went through rigorous training under his superiors to ensure a smooth transition into the family business. At present, Mr. Omar works closely with his nucleon day to day matters mostly concerning marketing and operations. He has an understanding of the industry’s dynamics concerning product pricing, market selection, brand management, to name a few. In addition to this, he has developed a healthy relationship with the key stakeholders of the business such as the suppliers, vendors, dealers, and numerous associations. With Mr. Omar’s determined mindset and enthusiasm, Bunny’s has yet to achieve new heights.